▀ (22) Anonymous begged, "Can you recommend some good josei manga? I really love Nana and Hapi Mari ♥"

Paradise Kiss
Kanojoiro no Kanojo
Cat Street
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki (really really funny)
Beautiful Fascination is Better Than Love
Running Through the City in the Sunset  
3AM Dangerous Zone
The Three Times (web-comic)
 Uragiri no Butoukai (one shot)
Kiss & Never Cry
Tokyo Alice
I’m With Her
Rouge et Noir

▀ (15) Anonymous begged, "i'm not really sure if you received my last message or you're ignoring it, but can you recommend some reverse harem mangas? :)"

Animal Jungle
Barajou no Kiss
Bokura no Himitsu wo Kyouyuu shiyou ka?
Hana no Kishi [I guses this could count since she has so many bishies around her]
Houou Gakuen Misoragumi [Gender-bender though] 
Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to
Starry Sky
Sorairo Koiiro [http://www.mangapark.com/manga/Sorairo-Koiiro.html]
Uta no Prince-sama

I wasn’t exactly ignoring it… rather, I’m too lazy and get too many messages so I often reply to them randomly/whenever it’s convenient. >< 

▀ (28) Anonymous begged, "smut yaoi pleasee ^^"

Oshioki Gakuen
Totally Captivated
Acid Flower
Denkou Sekka Boys
Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de
Joker Trap
Minami Haruka’s works [http://www.mangafox.com/search/artist/MINAMI%20Haruka/]
Nurse ga Oshigoto
Kaikan Fortune
Kokoro Logic (oneshot)
Only You (TOHJOH Asami)
Sensei to Himitsu
Shibatte Aishite
Anbalance Lover [http://www.7manga.com/manga/6409.html]

recommendations yaoi
▀ (12) lavynder begged, "Hey, sort of kind of random, but do you know of a yaoi manga, specifically on mangafox; It's multi-chaptered but short nonetheless. It's about a young man who emits pheromones which results in being molested by other men on the subway. He becomes an assistance for a writer, who is also his old crush .. ? I know the story pretty well, I've found it on Mangafox before a few times, but I just can't find it anymore ..

Also, I just discovered your blog so I apologize if I'm simply not looking hard enough but -- Can you recommend any completed yaoi series that are good? Can be one-shot, also. I've seen mostly all the popular ones like tohjoh Asami, Viewfinder, etc. It doesn't have to be completed, but It would be nice if it was updated often..

Sorry for this long wall of text D: Thank you for reading!"

I don’t know if it’s available on MangaFox, but I think this is the one that you’re talking about:

Kawaii Akuma
Wild and Strawberry
Junjou Romantica
Totally Captivated
Rules (by Miyamoto Kano; her other works are really good as well)
Acid Flower
24 Jikan Renaichuu
Glamorous Lip
Geshuku Biyori
Mousou Elektel
Photograph (HINO Garasu)
Denkou Sekka Boys
Downtown Shuffle
Tonari ni Iru no ni, Tooi
Sensei, Kiss Shite Ii desu ka? 

yaoi recommendations
▀ (28) isoliloquix-deactivated20110819 begged, "Romance."

Bokura Ga Ita
High School Debut/Koukou Debut
Strobe Edge
Sukitte Ii na yo
Absolute Boyfriend
Running Through The City In The Sunset
Beautiful Fascination Is Better Than Love 
The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice (Yaoi, but one of my favorites when it comes to relationship-focused manga)
Seven Days (Shounen-ai) 

▀ (9) Anonymous begged, "Can you recommend shoujo manga that is full of suffering? Like Bokura Ga Ita? Something that'll make me cry. xD. Like it goes really in-depth with relationships. Possibly with a good ending if it's already complete. Thanks in advance. :)"

Ah… that’s a bit difficult. I’ve never found any shoujo that has sent me on an emotional roller coaster like Bokura Ga Ita has. 

But maybe you’ll like…
Koizora (Yeah… be prepared with a tissue box for this one.)
Absolute Boyfriend (it’ll make you cry and sort of teaches you about relationships, I suppose. haha)
Beautiful Fascination Is Better Than Love
Deep Love series (starts with Deep Love - Pao no Monogatari, then Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari, then Host, etc.) Deep Love is more geared towards life rather than love, but it’s VERY sad. ;-; 
After School Nightmare (I don’t know… This one made me cry. I’m not too sure about other people.) 

Eh, yeah. I hope that helps.  

▀ (18) Anonymous begged, "Can you recommend shoujo mangas?
but they're childhood friends that fell in love with each other? :)"

Love Survival
Kimi ga Suki (sort of… I dunno, more like close guy friend. I don’t remember if they were childhood friends… haha)
Stardust Wink
Strange Orange
After Friend
Bokura wa Itsumo
Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai
Venus Capriccio
I ♥ HS
Blue (CHIBA Kozue)
Sannin de Aishiaimasho?
Kono Sora ni Hibike
Lemon Planet
Hatsukoi ni Oboreta
Sweet Black

▀ (8) Anonymous begged, "hi~ i was wondering if you had any recs for.. late night shojo xD like hentai-ish or josei stuff?"

hahah I’ve never heard of the term ‘late night shoujo’ before. Uh, I don’t know if I can recommend you any, so I’ve just skimmed through some that may seem appealing to you based on your criteria:

Yeah, okay. I don’t know. Sorry. If these turn out to be horrible or totally the opposite of what you asked for, I’m sorry. XD 

▀ (23) Anonymous begged, "Is there any manga you recommend where the heroine is a cool girl? Not those annoying airheads... .__."

Beauty Pop
Sukitte Ii na yo
Hana no Kishi
Ouran High School Host Club
0 no Soukoushi 
Akuma to Love Song
Bitter Trap (TAKAGI Shigeyoshi) 
Cat Street
Doubt!! (http://manga.animea.net/doubt-.html)
He’s Dedicated to Roses
The Wallflower/Perfect Girl Evolution (She’s a bit oblivious, but I wouldn’t say in the airhead kind of way. More like ‘doesn’t care for love nor people’ kind of oblivious.)
Chiro Star Project (If my memory doesn’t fail me.)

And maybe looking through this list will help: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?category=Strong+Female+Lead