▀ (48) Anonymous begged, "I don't think anyone has asked this before, can you recommend some teacherxstudent manga (shoujo) that not many people know but is good? Thank you! ^^"

Otona Pink
Kinkyori Renai 
Chocolate Cosmos
A Beautiful Fascination is Better Than Love
7th Period is a Secret
Ai no Koe
Otona no Shoumei 
Biyaku Kyoushi [smut]
Genshoku Tsundere Danshi Ikenai Sensei
Kanon (USAMI Maki)
Onegai, Sensei [collection of one shots]
Flying Bunny [one shot] 
Dakara Koi to Yobanaide [one shot]
Akahime Ranshin [one shot] 
Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei [one shot]

I don’t know what’s well-known, haha, but I hope this helped.

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