▀ (12) loveforpotato begged, "I just seen your posts of Cheese in a Trap and I freaked out! Has it been updated in English in any manga sites?"

Go here to read: 

You have to download a plug-in/extension that will translate the Korean webtoon pages on their site directly into English! Go to the link to download the extension and to read the webtoon. 

ORANGE (TAKANO ICHIGO) orange shoujo

ORANGE (TAKANO ICHIGO) orange shoujo tragedy



New covers of orange volumes #01 and #02. 

Just loved them, glad to see Suwa in both! <3

source: [x], [x]

orange ORANGE (TAKANO ICHIGO) takano ichigo manga shoujo tragedy

orange ORANGE (TAKANO ICHIGO) takano ichigo manga tragedy shoujo PLZ READ THIS MANGA IT IS THE BEST text

Cheese in the Trap webtoon

Cheese in the Trap webtoon

Cheese in the Trap webtoon

Cheese in the Trap webtoon soon kki josei


Cheese in the Trap manhwa soon kki josei

kinkyori renai shoujo

Hirunaka no Ryuusei shoujo

Sakura-Con 2014: Otaku-yaki Scavenger Hunt Edition


Domo-domo my fellow o-yakidon’s~.

hawn here with an update of my own. Soooo, before you tl;dr this post, I would like to extend an invitation to everyone and anyone in the lovely Pacific Northwest who is attending Sakura-con 2014 to a scavenger hunt! (Yes there will be prizes, more details are below.)

k-senpai and myself will be attending the largest anime convention in Washington state, and would very much love it if perchance some of our followers, as well as fellow anime loving interwebbers, would like to participate in finding us in the crowds of otakus!

The con will be held at the Washington State Convention Center in April from the 18th-20th. k-senpai and myself will be attending all 3 days until further notice. Now then! On to the actual event itself! 

We will be in cosplay! k-tan has yet to disclose any details on his attire, but I will be proudly romping around as Nakamura Sawa from Aku no Hana. Specifically in this outfit:

More details on our cosplays as well as some features that may help set us apart from other cosplayers will be posted again once the con actually comes around; assuming there will be participants in our little hunt that is.

Okay, now to the fun part! Prizes!! Everything will be based on a first come first serve basis—but we will be handing out prizes to those who find us. Trying to stay in character, I will be handing out “evil flowers” that I’ve hand-made to a select few. We will also be purchasing candy and sweets (ex. apollo, pocky, gummi choco, hichew, bamboo shoot choco, etc.) to hand out and would love it if you replied with some suggestions. 

Ultimately, the event is really to help make the con even more fun than it already is—so we would really like it you would come up to us even if just to say “hi” and snap a photo with us for the blog. Everything for the sake of bringing the world closer through animu and making our lives a little more worthwhile c: (WE LIEKZ MAEKIN’ NEEW FRENNZ)

ALRIGHTY. I think this post has become long enough—please send us any questions or concerns or recommendations (or really anything) through our ask box and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you ASAP nyorin~.

- hawn

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go hunt down my friends for prizes